Warped Tour is coming to an end

Warped tour the music festival that caters to punk and emo fans is coming to an end. The festival has been touring the country for 25 years. Spreading the greatness of Alternative music all over.

Kevin Lyman has recently announced that after the tours 25th anniversary this summer they will be wrapping things up. He said that attendance has been down the last few years and he said he is just tired of touring all summer long.

It’s honestly sad to see this festival go. It was really the only festival that gave punk and emo artists a place to perform. It gave many of these bands there start. Bands like Blink 182, My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy thrived with this festival taking them to new heights in their careers.

I even remember being a kid watching highlights of the tour on Fuse tv wishing I was old enough to be there. Watching bands like Blink 182 and NOFX play on the stage. Yearning to be part of the mosh circles.

Even being able to see the backstage stories of all the bands hanging out together and barbecuing. Being able to network with each other and creating future amazing tours.

This could be the end of punk and emo music as we know it. This was the festival for this kind of music. Introducing the festival goers to new bands they may have never heard of. It was the heart of this music.

Now unfortunately I never made it to Warped Tour. But now with it going away and it doing it’s 25th aniversary tour. This will be the year I will finally live out those memories I saw as a kid.

This is everyone who has ever enjoyed punk or me music to have our last hooray. We need to show up in groves and show them what they are leaving behind. It will be the best Warped Tour ever.


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