Selena Gomez just turned it up a notch

Sunday was the night of the AMA’s and every celebrity was there. All trying to look as good as possible as they go down the red carpet. But one in particular really stepped it up was Selena Gomez. Showing off a her new look.

Now Selena in my mind is one of the hottest celebrities. Selena has always had a girl next door look. She looked like a neighbor who was a nice girl and really didn’t know how hot she was. She hung out with the cool girls who would run through boyfriends but never really felt quit like them.

But last night when she walked down the carpet with her new bleach blonde hair and leather jacket. You right away it was a new era for Selena Gomez. She now looks like the bad girl who will sleep with you then your best friend all in the same night.

It obviously didn’t take long for Justin Biebers bad boyness to rub off on her. But I do have to say I am a fan of the new look. She went from hot to bombshell sexy. She looks like the girl who will come into the bar and all the guys are intimidated to talk to. But that doesn’t stop her she finds her man and makes the first move because she knows she’ll be going home with him later.

Also Selena as a blonde is perfect for her. Now I might be a little biased with this because I believe if a girl goes blonde she instantly gets an extra point. But Selena as a blonde took her from a 9 to a 12. That is right she goes above the scale itself now.

I am all in on Selenas new bad girl look. I just hope it wasn’t just for the AMA’s. Hopefully this is the Selena we will see all the time now. I am sure The Weekend is beating himself up now for letting her go.

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