Oregon just created the lamest turnover chain

When you see something that works as well as the turnover chain has worked for Miami people want to copy it. But of course not all versions are going to be equal and Oregon has proven that.

Now we all know the turnover chain is a prized possession for Miami’s defensive team. As soon as thy get a turnover they a running to the sidelines looking for the chain. It makes the whole team and crowd go wild.

Oregon hoping to boost their defense has created their own version of the turn over chain. It is literally a metal chain with a steel O on it. It pretty much looks like they sent someone to Home Depot before a game to make one.


It honestly looks like they stole it from a white construction worker who hopes to make it big as a rapper. Who thought it would be cool to “rep” their state but didn’t have money for a real chain. So they took scrap materials from the construction site to make themselves a chain.

It doesn’t seem like anyone takes pride in this chain. It is literally just tossed over a players head and they just keep walking as if nothing ever happened. They actually seem more embarrassed to wear this stupid chain then anything.

I don’t think this chain is really going to have the same impact on their defensive team as the Miami chain has had for their team. But like I said when you see something working for a team it’s hard not to copy it.

They might just want to try to make a better replica. I don’t mean either by just spray painting it green. Which Oregon has recently done. Which has somehow made it look even cheaper. It now looks like something they got out of a freaking gumball machine.

If you want this to work Oregon try to dip into your pockets a little more and get the team a chain they’ll actually be proud to earn.

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