New Yorks best sushi might be in the airport

New York a suposed mecca of culture. I place people visit for all things from fashion, entertainment to food. What would you think though if I said you could eat some of the best food New York has to offer without even having to leave the airport.

The Newark airport just outside of New York has just opened a new sushi restaurant “Tsukiji Fishroom”. This restaurant has fresh fish flown in from the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.  People are saying it is some of the best sushi New York has to offer.

Of course, this is definitely a low blow for the city. A city that prides itself on being a mecca of culture. Especially with it’s claims of being one of the best cities in the US. It’s hard to recover from something like this

Now this is like a college claiming it has one of the best sports programs and them actually talking about the drunk college kids playing corn hole at their tailgates. Now of course I’m sure they’ll be some old school Queens guys argue that they just have so much great food it makes sense that it’ll eventually spill over to the airports.

But the claims of it being one of the best sushi restaurants New York has to offer is a hard look for the city no matter how you spin it. All this airport needs now is a dueling piano’s and a hipster clothing store and New York will become a pass through state.


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