Man proves one vote can make a difference

We have all heard that every vote counts when dealing with an election. Most of us feel like not every vote really does matter and that our single vote won’t really make a difference. But a Philly man proved that a single vote can make a difference.

Philip Garcia went to the polls and actually wrote his on name for the position of Judge of Election. He actually won the election for this position. That is right it looks like nobody else voted for this position.

This is a crazy story for this man. He probably went in not knowing who was even running for this position and decided as a joke to just write his own name in. There is no way he actually thought he would win the election.

Now I honestly do not really know what all is entailed in this position. From what I looked up it looks like they just over see all elections for their area. I’m sure Philip Garcia didn’t quite know what was entailed in the position either. But I guess he is quickly learning.

This is truly a great story. It really proves that every vote does matter. Of course, you can say that it is a small local election. But it can even help in a larger scale as well.

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