College student really gets into the Christmas spirit

As Christmas rolls around you start to see everyone get into the Christmas spirit. Malls start to be decorated with Christmas lights and wreaths and of course theres a santa in every one. Radio stations start to play nothing but christmas music. For one college student this still wasn’t enough and wanted to bring the spirit with her wherever she goes.

Kelsey Hall went to Twitter posting a picture of herself in a Christmas tree costume asking Twitter if she got 1,000 retweets she would wear it for the rest of the semester. As usual Twitter was up to the challenge and in no time she had reached her goal. Thus making her the Christmas cheer of her campus.

It seems like this is exactly what her campus needed especially as most head into finals to keep their eye on the prize of what’s to come after they step out of their last class. Finals is one of the most stressful times a college student faces. But Kelsey is helping keep at least a little joy in their lives. Especially as most her peers are coming off of 10 hour study sessions and Adderall binges.

Kelsey has helped her remind everyone the reason for this season. That they will soon be free to enjoy some much needed time off full of candy cane shots and seeing who fell off from their high school. I commend you Kelsey for bringing some extra cheer during this season.

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