Charles Manson donut goes over unsurprisingly not well

For those of you who don’t know Charles Manson died this past weekend. He was the leader of one of Californias most infamous cults and was convicted of murdering several people. So in light terms he was a pretty shitty person. That being said a Portland based donut shop “Voodoo Donuts” decided to make a tribute donut for him.

Let’s just say people did not like this tribute donut. Now Voodoo donuts are known for making donuts when famous people die. They don’t even sell the donuts. They just put them on their social media and display the donuts in their bakery. Which I guess at least they didn’t try to profit of Charles Manson.

But this still leaves the question who the hell is running this donut shop. Who signed off on this as a good idea. He is one of Americas most infamous murders. So he wasn’t really a liked person at all. They had to have known people were going to be disgusted with this donut right?

Now the blog “Munchies” was able to talk to “Voodoo Donuts” spokes person Sara Heise. She pretty much told them “We make donuts obituaries for famous and infamous people.””We use our platform for posting this and do not sell or profit off these centerpieces.”

This statement at least to me shows they don’t really see any wrong with making this donut. Which you do have to appreciate a little that they are not backing down from this. He was an infamous murderer which does fit their criteria for an obituary donut.

It still does baffle me that no one said to not make this donut. Charles Manson died on Sunday and they released the photo of the donut on Sunday. So they seemed pretty excited to release this donut.

The only thing I can think off is that this what a great marketing scheme by “Voodoo Donuts”. Now I don’t live anywhere near one of their bakeries but I’ve never hear of them and I’m sure most people haven’t. But now they are all over social media. But even so do you really want to be known as the Manson donut bakery. Donuts are a pretty happy treat and most people don’t want to think of a mass murderer when eating them.

Now they did eventually take down the photo from their Twitter. This of course hasn’t stopped the outrage at all because the photo was screen grabbed by a few Twitter users. They might have made themselves with this as infamous as Charles Manson himself.

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