Welcome to life of a something twenty! This is going to be a site dedicated to everyone trying to find their way in life after graduating and entering the “real world”.

This site is for everyone who is L.O.S.T( life of a something twenty). We’re going to go over everything from office life struggles to living with roommates. This site is going to be a fun place for a something twenty to go to and read articles about day to day stuff their going through.

I know this intro probably sounded a little intense. But this is going to be a site for people starting their careers to go to laugh and hopefully relate to most articles. Also to help shed some light on little day to day questions you won’t be taught in any class or are to embarrassed to ask, cuz let’s be honest we all like looking like we know exactly what we’re doing.

So who’s ready to be proud of being L.O.S.T!