You can stay at president Trumps house

Apperantly back in March a unknown entity bought president Trumps childhood home. It was bought under the title Trump Birth House LLC for $2.14 million. Since then the house has been put on airbnb as a rental home.

This is a 2,000 square foot house. It has 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. According to the listing 20 people can stay here for $725/night. This is due to the fact that practically every room has dorm style bunk beds and 2 sofa couches. So needles to say you will not be living like a president by staying here.

To make this place as creepy as possible it is littered with Trump memoribilia and placards stating what might the rooms been used for and Trump quotes. There is a Andy Warhol pop-art picture of trump. There is even a cardboard cutout of Trump in the corner of the living room.

This worst though is a placard right outside the master bedroom that states in less crude words Fred and Mary Trump fucked in this room and made president Trump.


Now I know a lot of you are thinking let’s rent the house with 20 friends and throw a huge party and destroy the place. Well I’m sorry but the owner has already thought of this and has a locked room that someone will be staying in to make sure nothing too keep an eye on things.

I am sure one of you crazy fucks will try it anyways. I am excited to see how the story for this Trump house rental goes. I am sure well see in a few months this house being totally destroyed. So I feel like I need to put the link in to make your devilish dreams come true Trumps childhood house airbnb. I know this is only the beginning of this tale.


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