Creator and of android releases the Essential phone

Where we last left Andy Rubin he left the tech world to work at a bakery. He sold Android to Google back in 2005. Things quieted down for Andy. Then in 2015 he announced his new company Essential. This company was going to create the essential phone.

Everyone was very excited for his latest gadget. After several release dates being changed it seemed like this phone was never going to see the light of day. That was until this week when he announced the phone would be released next week!

The idea behind this phone is to make a phone that is simplified. To get rid of all the unnecessary bulk of unwanted gadgets and features we have all learned just to live with.

This phone would also be made out of titanium instead of aluminum like most phones are made today.

This is to make this phone tougher to help withstand the dreaded phone drop we have all gone through. It is apparently going to make it so tough they are not going to make a case for it.

This phone is also going to come with accessories that seamlessly work with the phone.  Such as a 360 camera lense that connects to the phone via magnets.

Now this phone seems pretty cool. Hopefully it does come out next week. Unfortunately I’m an idiot who just buys whatever phone is popular. I’m just hoping one of my friends is brave enough to take the dive and buy one so I can try it out.

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