T-Swift butt grabs only cost $1

You read it right apparently it will only cost you $1 to grab Taylor Swifts butt! This all began in 2013 when DJ David Mueller allegedly grabbed her butt while taking a photo together. Now this week they are going to court together where T-Swift is suing the the DJ for $1.

Now my first reaction was publicized lawsuit does not sound good. But only being sued $1 he probably could’ve settled outside of court for .75 cents.

So with this all being said this is incredible! I think this is something T-Swift should be offering more of. I can personally off the top of my head think of 10 friends who would pay $1 to grab T-Swifts butt. Hell I would pay $1 in a heartbeat.

I am surprise no one has thought of this before. Think of all the extra money she could bring in at concerts. Let alone all the money she’s bringing in from the actual event and merch. This is an untaped market that she could be the pioneer of.

I would probably never go to a Taylor Swift concert but if butt grabs were being sold I would definitely consider buying a ticket. Hell she would have people waiting for days for pre-sale tickets just for the opportunity. I hope more female celebrities adopt this idea.

Lets be honest T-swift is not the mot gifted back there. So if celebrities like Nikki Minaj, J-Lo or Iggy Azalea adopted this. Imagine the money they would rake in. They could probably stop performing all together and just show up to events and offer butt grabs. While still making just as much money if not more with none of the stress of actually performing. Everyone wins!

I aplaude Taylor for taking a stand and being the pioneer to venture where most female celebrities have been to scared to venture. You are a true pioneer and queen of the craft!

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