WTF! Dick Stickers?

Do you hate condoms but are too afraid to try the pull and pray method? Well now thanks to Jiftip there is a product for you. Jiftip invented a sticker for your penis.

This is a sticker you can put on your penis hard are soft. So you can wear this sticker all day because apparently you don’t know when sex is about to happen.

The way it works is a two step process. First it has a wipe so you can clean your penis. Then you apply the sticker on the tip of your penis and over the hole. You then press the sticker on the tip to make sure it is completely sealed. Yeah a cringed too and I actually watched the tutorial video.

Now at first I wanted to hate this product. For how stupid it sounds and for the medical issues of stopping any liquid from coming out of your penis.

Then I got to the bottom of Jiftips website. Where I found a disclaimer that states not for STI or pregnancy prevention. So even though are saying their product is useless.

Which made me laugh and love the fuck you attitude of this company. They are selling a safe sex product that doesn’t even make sex any safer.

The only thing that they could’ve done a little better was to release this product a month earlier. To make it the best April fools joke ever.

The only thing better then someone being stupid enough to deal their dick shut, is being stupid enough to seal your dick shut with a product that does nothing.

They got you with the double whammy not only do you after sex have to painfully peel a sticker off your penis, but you used something that was as safe as just going in raw dawg.

So far this I support this company. I will never use their product even if I don’t have a condom and the girl whips these out. I would rather go home and jerk off. I do support the fast one they are pulling over on everyone.

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