Post presidency Obama is nothing but chill vibes

Most presidents after presidency seem to just go into hiding waiting till the die. Not Barack Obama he is living life to the fullest.

Since Trump took office Obama has been globetrotting. He is taking full advantage of not having any of the stress related to being president. He actually seems to have no stress at all.

Let’s see some of the things he’s been up to:

He and Michelle have taken a yacht in the Polynesian waters. Also on this boat we’re Tom Cruise, Oprah and Bruce Springsteen.

He also took Michelle to Rancho Mirage California. To a house at Thunderbird Country Golf Club.

Now this is probably one of the most surprising for a ex president. He went kite surfing with Richard Branson. Now without doing any research. I’m going to say Barack is the only president after serving his 2 terms to be able to kite surf without dying.

So I know everyone is throughly jealous at this point. So I’ll stop showing all the awesome things he has been up too. He has been traveling all over the globe.

Even though this is awesome and I’m glad he’s enjoying post presidency to the fullest there is one person I feel bad for. That person is Jared Kushner. Obama is living the life Kushner lived before Trump was president and you know he misses it.

So even though these photos bring me joy I do feel a little sadness for Kushner. But then again it probably won’t be long till he’s able to live that life again. I wonder if him and Obama will globetrot together? I think that’s when Democrats and Republicans will have truly decided to put aside their differences and work together.

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