Is This Progressive?


Vistara airlines has just released a women flyers program. It is a program to “assist” women flying alone. They are trying to make it a more comfortable and easy experience for these individuals. The pilot has just been released in India so far.

The main feature of this program being women getting preferred seating on this flights. By this they mean women can have either a window seat or aisle seat. This is to prevent women from feeling uncomfortable due to manspreading. Which I believe not having room on a flight is a issue every flyer endures everyday.

DAatFUMXoAADoBY (1).jpg

This program gets worse though. They are going to have pink signs with the hashtag. The hashtag being vistara woman flyer (clever I know). This is so women can easily find a Vistara representative. Apparently women can only read hashtags.

Once the representative is located they will be able to take over the women’s luggage. The will check her luggage, load her carry on and also once the flight is complete they will get the bags at the baggage claim. Before this women were struggling getting their bags checked and would sometimes even leave the airport forgetting they had luggage all together.

They will also hail a cab for the women or rent her a car. Once again I guess the enterprise process has just been too confusing for women flying alone. Women were just wondering the streets outside airports confused and lost.

Now I know this has been being pitched as a great progressive movement, but it seems offensive to me. If I was a women I would not want some one assuming all these years I have been unable to properly do these things or that they were to complicated for me. Seems like the opposite of progression to me, but then again what do I know I’m probably just a chauvinist pig.

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