You Should fear the reaper: If it’s infused in your vodka



A UK man was hospitalized after drinking a vodka infused with a Carolina reaper pepper. This is the hottest pepper in the world. Apparently a friend of the man bought it at a chili festival.

She decided to get a group of friends together and met at a local tavern to try this beverage. After taking the shot the group had regretted their decision. Most of them experience something awful. Unfortunately none of them could explain what they felt.

The worst was the man who ended up being hospitalized. He actually lost consciousness and an ambulance had to be called. There is no news of how the man is doing now but from reports it was just a bad reaction of eating something too hot. From what I have gathered though he should be fine.

Now the best part of this story is when the company who makes this vodka was interviews. This company is The Chili Pepper Company. When asked about this situation they responded ” this sounds like just a bad reaction to eating something to hot for them to handle.” They also said ” We know hot things and what happens when someone eats something to hot for them.”

To this I say kudos Chili Pepper for sticking to your guns. We live in a time where everyone is apologizing for everything. Not Chili Pepper though. They actually kind of made fun of the man some saying he was unable to handle the heat.

In their defense the bottle is labeled warning you of how hot the drink is and to drink with caution. So the company is in the right to not apologize for what happened. It still takes balls that when being questioned on a situation where someone is injured by your product especially hospitalized to cave and give the media what they want. Not Chili pepper, it might be because they’ve been in hotter situations (pun intended).


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