Shit you do in your twenties: Brunch

You realize after college you start doing some things you use to hate or never really saw yourself doing it. Some might be considered a sign of growing up somethings will be just s childish as you’ve ever been. One of the things you’ll start doing is brunch.

Now I know some of you out there are going to say you already do brunch. But post college brunch is different then college brunch. College brunch is more of waking up at 11 on a Sunday and going to the local dinner for some eggs and fries.

This is just a hangover meal you call brunch because you woke up too late for breakfast and it’s a little too early for lunch. So you call it brunch so you don’t feel bad for eating at that hour.

The brunch you go for after college is actually pre-planned. It is also at a restaurant that has a special brunch menu. Which has more upscale breakfast options and light cocktails.

This is typically done with friends you haven’t been able to see that weekend. It is either because of prior obligations or because they still have anxiety from the trouble they caused last weekend and need to stay in and watch Netflix and sip wine.

You need at least a couple hours of social interaction though. Because let’s be honest you hate most of your co-workers if not all of them. You also can not get out much during the week because of your job.

So you set up this gathering of friends to eat some over priced eggs and get a little drunk on before your week of hell begins. You’ll sit there for a few hours just venting about your week and seeing how everyone has been.

This will sometimes turn into a day of drinking and maybe even go into the evening. This is something I typically rule against, because it leads to a terrible Monday.

Even worse then having to get up on Monday and realize it’s a new week you have to get through, but now you have to fight through a hangover as well. Co-workers will notice and make comments which will lead to you burying your head in your computer and spending the whole day pretending your working and not actually getting any work done.

This is a mistake we all end up making at least once. This is just one of the gambles you take when you decide to brunch. But other then that it will end up being one of the highlights of your weekend.

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