As I make my way through my twenties it seems as if my hangovers are getting worse. This is a common occurrence for anyone as they go through this time in their life. You will realize with every year you can actually noticeably  feel the hangovers get worse. We eventually have to face this and realize it’s a part of life.

It was only a couple years ago I would be out all night, then wake up not feeling great. So I would call one of my buddies to go get some breakfast. We would stumble into the restaurant in our sweatpants wrecking of liquor and smoke. We would get some food and a few cups of coffee and talk about what debauchery we got into the night before. Then we would miraculously feel better right away. We would then go back to our places and shower and get ready to do it all over again as if the night before never happened.

You never really think much about it. You will soon learn to cherish those times. You will hear other people talk about how as they got older their hangovers got worse. You will think to yourself not me I am a tank. I just need a full stack of banana pancakes and 2 cups of coffee and I am ready to go again. You’ll think you have the secret to cure a hangover. This is only because your hangover is easily cured.

You will soon realize even some one who is as professional of a drinker as you will start to fall victim to these life changing  hangovers. You will start to wake up with pounding headaches. I soar throat as if you were sucking on a tail pipe all night. You will be nauseous and it might stick with you for a majority of the day.

I have started to fall victim to these symptoms and it scares me because I know it’ll only get worse. I have started waking up the day after drinking and I have hangovers that last most the morning and sometimes into the early afternoon. It is not always a guarantee anymore that I will be able to go again that evening. I always can not even stomach the thought of alcohol

Even worse then the physical damage done be the hangovers is the emotional. You will start to have terrible anxiety about what you did the night before. You will start to re-evaluate your whole life and every decision you have ever made. As if choosing marketing instead of advertising in college would’ve prevented this hangover.

It’s still going to happen though. It will make you question everything. You will lay in your bed in a blanket cocoon trying to figure out the world. So you end up spending your day watching Netflix trying to distract your mind, nibbling at the same container of yogurt and gatorade. Wishing you could just disappear.

But you will find yourself going out the next weekend. Because we are L.O.S.T and this is just another life event we will overcome and bring us closer together!

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