Can we stop running each other over on the golf course


Most of us have probably seen at least one of these videos. You see a golfer getting ready to hit his ball. When all of a sudden they are run over by a golf cart. You see the person either go up on the windshield and roll away. We have all laughed and enjoyed it. It is one of the last things you expect to see in a golf video.

When I first saw one of these videos I fell in love with it. I thought it was hilarious. My brother in law and I while golfing have always enjoyed doing stunts in the golf cart. So seeing this was right up my alley. I spent a lot of time watching these videos.

These videos have been all the rage for several months now. I finally have to ask for them to please stop. They started out harmless just going at a minimal speed and running someone over. But thanks to human nature we have the need to one up the person who did it before. I

have started seeing people go flying and to what I saw had to walk away with some type of injury if they were able to even get up and finish the round. I have even seen a video of a guy peeing and a cart comes flying in and sends him flying into a bush and his own pee. Then the guy has to finish a round of golf in pain and smelling of hot piss.

Golf is supposed to be a relaxing sport. Now you can not even go on the course on for a nice Sunday afternoon game without having to be looking over your back the whole time. You are always having to keep track of where all nearby golf carts are. It has made golf as stressful as Andy Dufresne escape from Shawshank.

I already have several break downs during a round of golf due to my poor skills. I do not need the added stress of golf cart hit and runs.

Also think about the course marshals. They are typically elderly retired men who have had a passion for golf their whole life and just want to be out there enjoying the game. I bet they never thought stopping vehicular manslaughter would become part of their job.

So lets all agree that this golf cart prank had it’s time. It was great while it lasted, but it is time to find a new prank to do.

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