The man bun: The perfect indicator


Now I know I am a little late to the party with this one. But when the man bun first came out I did not have a blog, so we’re talking about it now. The man bun style has also grown bigger then I have ever expected it to grow or wanted it to grow. I feel like it’s probably at least once a day I see someone with a man bun. The man bun seems to get a lot of heat from people for being ugly or terrible. In my opinion this is the best hairstyles and needs to continue.

It is the perfect signal to let me know from afar that you are a insufferable hipster. I  have yet to find someone who can pull off the man bun, and I’m starting to think that is because it is impossible to pull off. Everyone I see either looks like a hipster who works at the local coffee shop and while I am trying to order my morning cup o joe is going to tell me all about the benefits of yoga or his new indie band. Which from my research that’s exactly who the man bun wearing guy is.

I honestly just want to take a pair of scissors and sneak up behind anyone I see with a man bun and cut the bun right off. I know i can not do this though, because then some unsuspecting person might walk up and get sucked into hearing about how vintage shops are all the rage right now.

I understand everyone who has a man bun isn’t a insufferable hipster. I have actually in the past few months have had close friends adopt this shitty trend. What I can guarantee you is if you have a man bun odds are I’m not going to make an effort to talk to you, because let’s be honest 90% of man bun guys are insufferable hipsters.

This is why we need to keep the man bun alive! To alert unsuspecting citizens to avoid this person unless they want the best recipe for kombucha. Which just a mother quick thing isn’t kombucha the worst tasting thing in the world. I really do not know how people stomach it, but back to the point.

I think instead of hating the man bun be happy that there’s now a way we can tell these people from the rest of society. So I say long live the man bun!



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