The boom of Documentaries

It seems like we are living in the age of the documentary. Documentaries have seemed  to explode in popularity in the last few years. It feels like it was not long ago when documentaries were one of the worst, most boring movies to watch.

I remember when if you were watching  documentary about a topic, it was only because you were very interested in that topic and trying to learn some more about it. You wouldn’t just put some random documentary one in hopes to learn about a random topic. You also would definitely not brag to your friends about the documentary you watched. That was something you always kept to yourself as to not be ridiculed for watching a documentary.

Now it seems like people actually enjoy watching random documentaries. I feel like I hear someone drop a documentary they were watching at least a handful of times a week. People can not get enough of documentaries and can not help but let you know they were watching a documentary.

Which just in my opinion is really annoying. I am glad people are watching documentaries and there are some great and captivating documentaries that are out there now. But please do not drop the documentary in the middle of the conversation. I do not care, nobody else cares this is just for you to feel superior because you spent 2 hours the night before watching a documentary. Now you need everyone else to know you watched one. It is the same as when your talking about a movie with someone and they drop they read the book so they understand the movie better.

No one has ever cared that you read the book. When have you been talking to someone and you dropped that you read the book and excitement filled their face. They looked and you and said “oh really, that is awesome. please explain to me the whole movie since I didn’t read the book and the whole plot went right over my head.” That’s because it has never happened. Same goes for you dropping the documentary you were watching.

Now it is shocking how fast all of this has exploded. It honestly feels like this was an overnight change. It feels like one day you wouldn’t want to be caught dead watching a documentary, to it being something to conversate about and share with friends.

Once again I do not hate this it is great they are making good documentaries now. Because let’s be honest documentaries use to be super boring. They always seemed to move very slow and were and always seemed to have voice-over done by someone with the most soft and mundane voice. They always seemed to practically put you to sleep.

So I don’t know when they decided to make documentaries more entertaining or who was the first director to do this, but hats off to you. I am glad that we as a nation are watching more documentaries and trying to learn whenever we can. Just please remember the basic rules to watching documentaries.

Do not be a douche and brag at ever opportunity about how many documentaries you watch. As long as you can follow that simple rule. Please watch as many documentaries as you want, and take advantage of this golden age of documentaries before it’s over.


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