Taco Bell and Lyft partnership

So apperantly Taco Bell and Lyft have partnered together. What this partnership is, is from 9pm-2am Lyft will have a button on their app you can push and a Lyft car will come pick you up and take you to Taco Bell. Which sounds like a pretty cool idea.

I understand their trying to compete with Uber just launching McDelivery. It is also a great idea to help reduce the amount of drunk driving. So for the consumer this is a great idea.

We’ve all had the drunchies at one time or another but realized we were to drunk to get the greasy food so we went without, or worse risked it anyway to feed our craving. So I definitely see this being utilized by people and also make people actually use Lyft over Uber.

Now on the other hand for the drivers this is an absolutely horrible idea. Who in their right mind would want to pick up some drunk asshole and drive them to Taco Bell. Then sit there for 15 minutes as this person figures out what they want. Then drive them back home as they get Doritos locos tacos all over your back seat. Also while hoping the whole time they do not get sick.

If I was a Lyft driver I would never pick someone up for this Taco Bell run. I can only hope it alerts the driver this is what the person wants to do so they can turn off the app and not have to deal with this. At least that is what I would do if I was a Lyft driver.

So kudos on the thought Lyft. I just hope you keep drivers around who want to deal with this nonsense. If you do I’m sure sometime this year we’ll have a video surface of a Lyft driver freaking out on a passenger cuz they can’t decide between nacho or cool ranch Doritos tacos. Which is probably the best case scenario out of all of this.

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