If you live in a place where nothing happens: GET OUT!


I live in the farm land of Pennsylvania. I grew up around this area and once moving out I decided to stick around. Obviously my family is in this area and I had a girlfriend at the time who lived around here, so it made sense to just stay put. The more time I spend in this area though the more I am starting to hate it. As a single 20 something I want to be in an area where there is life and things going on.

When you live in farmland you quickly realize nothing of significance really goes on. Also if you want to go somewhere where there are a decent amount of people you have to travel and the options are typically limited. Which is where I am finding myself I typically travel 15-30 minutes to find myself at the same 2-3 watering holes every weekend.

Where you start seeing the same people all the time doing the same thing. My life has become a episode of cheers. That I can not wait to be over. The last few months I have been contemplating getting out of here. I have been considering moving to a city or at least close to one where I can be around people and events and life is actually happening.

I use to be a little nervous to move to a place that was unfamiliar and I knew no-one. But isn’t that what your 20’s are for experiencing life and trying new things. Which is hard to do when you live in the same place your whole life. I hope to soon be out of this place where nothing happens and moved in to an apartment in a city somewhere. So I can begin to experience life.

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