Bernie Sanders and Larry David are related?

The news that Bernie Sanders and Larry David are related has been all over the place the last couple days. When I first saw this I thought it was just some joke that someone put together and people had fallen for it. But it turns out Larry David himself admitted to being related to Bernie during an interview. These two are apparently third cousins.

Now I do believe they are related just look at the two of them they look almost identical. Now to the third cousins statement I call bullshit. These two are definitely closer related then third cousins. They are practically twins. I think there is something Larry David is hiding by saying this.

He said during this interview he didn’t know till he was filming an episode of finding your roots for PBS. He said he was happy to hear this news and always thought their was some connection. Now I do not know about you but I have never seen someone and thought yeah we’re probably related.

I believe Larry knew long a head of time that they were related. I think these two are more closely related then they are letting on. They just did not want to release this information especially during the election. Bernie couldn’t have himself being associated with a guy who created a show about nothing. In the unfortunate chance they associate that with Bernie being about nothing.

This would have destroyed his campaign. Now several months after the election they decided to release this information but keep themselves as distant relatives, just incase Bernie decides to run again.

This is great it keeps Bernie somewhat in the spotlight and associates him with one of the greatest writers of all time. We have all bought it hook, line and sinker too. Which I say well played guys, well played.

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