Being a guy who owns a cat

I am going to preface this whole article by saying I never thought I would be a cat owner. I always saw myself as more of a dog guy then a cat guy. But I moved into an apartment by myself about 2 years ago and my girlfriend at the time thought I needed a buddy to have around. So she just showed up one night with a kitten. I was not as excited as she thought/wanted me to be. I just walked around the apartment the rest of the evening wondering what I was going to do.

Now I am not completely heartless I understand the gesture and she thought it would be a nice thing to do. But as a word of advice to anyone out there do not surprise someone with a pet. You are pretty much just giving them the gift of responsibility. I had not even been in my new place long at all. I believe I had moved in maybe a month prior. So I was hardly even settled in yet and now I had a cat to worry about.

This cat was a very adorable kitten I can even admit it. He was a little scared at first spent most of the night hiding behind the sofa. I remember being at work and talking to my fellow coworkers about this kitten all day asking what I should do. I also remember coming home from work the first day and finding poop right by the door. Which thankfully I did not step in. So our relationship started off a little rocky start.

I remember having off the next day though. I remember waking up and grabbing my cup of coffee and pulling him out from behind the couch. We spent the whole day laying on the couch and watching Netflix. He just laid in my arms all day.  So at this point he was starting to win me over.

After about a week he started following me all over the house. We would be on the couch and I would get up to get a drink from the fridge and he would follow me into the kitchen and sit in the fridge till I got what I needed. I couldn’t even shower with the bathroom door closed, because he would just meow to come in. He was starting to become my little buddy which is how he got the name Buddy (I know super creative).

It was not long till I would be ready for bed and say come one Buddy bed time and he would follow me to the bedroom hope on the bed and curl up on the top of my pillow. So I had to do something everyone dreads. Admit someone else was right and let my girlfriend now she was right for getting me a pet. It was not easy but It had to be done.

It was long till I couldn’t wait to come home and chill with my Buddy. He had truly become my buddy. He’s always down to party too. I would have my other bros come over and he would hang out with the group the whole night. He would be game for whatever drunken debauchery we were getting involved in.

He was a true bro. I know that most guys are dog guys and I was before this cat I was too. But he is definitely the best pet I could ask for. He just totally gets my life style and wants to live the same way. He has even learned fetch and goes to the window and starts meowing if anyone is going by. He is a dog in a cats body. So cut me a little slack here.

Now it is a little weird bringing girls over and showing them my place and they see my cat or when I just bring him up in conversation to people. I do not feel like I give off a cat guy vibe. So when they see this cat they are a little thrown of guard. The girls I date too typically seem to be more of dog girls. So they do not always know how to react when they see this little guy. He is a bro though and with being a bro he is a great wing man. He can win them over 99% of the time.

So I guess I am kind of a cat person now. Like I said before he pretty much a dog in a cats body plus less work. I do not have to take him for walks or let him out to use the bathroom. I can just run him around with the laser for a little and he uses his litter box. So as much as I was freaking out in the beginning it has turned out to be a great experience. He is also the greatest roommate I have ever had if only he could pay rent.


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