Not being able to participate in McDelivery day

So today was Mcdelivery day and people are social media have been going crazy. Everyone is ordering McDonalds today. Now Mcdonalds has been doing a lot of great things lately to keep themselves relevant. We live in a pretty health conscience world today and overtime it looks like people will turn their back on the golden arches they find a way to make us come back. Just like a couple years ago they started serving breakfast all day something people have been asking for, for years.

Now with today teaming up with uber eats to bring Mcdelivery. They are also offering free swag with your order. The most prized being the Big Mac onesie. Which in my mind is the perfect hangover outfit. A Mickey D’s onesie while your eating your mcnuggets at 3 on a Sunday trying to recover before work the next day. But that’s beside the point. This is another way they have brought us back to them.


They have people ordering food from them who probably haven’t eaten McDonalds in years. But you see everyone else posting pictures of their delivered McDonalds on social media and you can’t help but want some too. I know it happened to me today.

I was sitting at my desk at work and decided to check out twitter. I start seeing everyone’s post of the McDonalds and their swag and it started to make me hungry for some McDonalds. So I downloaded the Uber eats app only to find out Uber eats is not in my area. I do work in a pretty small city, you might not even consider it a city depending on where your from. So it has not made it’s way to my area yet.

It bummed me out to see it wasn’t in my area. So I just submitted for it to come to my area. Really don’t know if that’ll actually do anything and continued with my day. I was a little bummed I couldn’t participate in McDelivery day and I couldn’t feed my craving for McDonalds. I am not going to drive to a McDonalds on McDelivery day like some kind of slub.

So if you were able to participate in todays McFestivities congratulations. It looked like fun and the swag looked pretty cool. I hope you got the onesie for your hungover weekends. Also if you were unable to participate today just know you were not alone. I just hope you held strong like me and fought the McCraving. If not your honestly probably a smarter person then me and just let yourself enjoy a shitty meal every once in a while.

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