FBI surveillance van: worst item on Ebay

As most of us are probably aware at this point there was a FBI surveillance van for sale on eBay. It was all over the internet and social media. People were all pretty much on the same page this was a great item. Which at first I was on that side. You see this and you turn back into a 14 year old thinking how cool it would be to own a surveillance van. The unlimited possiblilites of things you could do with this van.

Then I started to think about the people who would bid on this. Sure some of them were probably guys who just thought it would be cool to have this van and show it off to friends. Most of them though were probably creeps who just had a huge door opened for them. No longer would they have to hide in their neighbors bushes worrying if they would be seen.or stalk their ex on Facebook. Now they could literally just park right out front and spy for hours and hours with no questions asked.

The power that comes with this van is just to great for an average person to handle. I wouldn’t even be surprised if a normal person got this van and turned into a creep. It just takes one person to hurt you too bad. Then your sitting in your house and thinking if only I would know what they are up to. Then a few rum and cokes later your sitting outside their house in your surveillance van seeing who they are hanging out with and what they are up to. Before you know it, it’s 4 am and you spent your whole night sitting in a van watching them binge watching girls on Netflix.

Yeah, now do you see how this could easily take out even the most strong willed person. Let alone the people who are obviously creeps. This van would be the ultimate prize. I am sure ever other creep in the neighborhood would be jealous of this person. They could easily park outside their neighbors house and wait for the husband to leave and watch the wife take a shower from the comfort of their van unnoticed.

The power of this van is just to much for our society to handle during these times. Our society is in a dark place right now and this only adds fuel to the fire. I just hope who ever won this van has a extensive background check done on them. We do not need just anyone owning this van.

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