Rest In Peace: Microsoft Paint

It was announced a few days ago that Microsoft will no longer be supporting Microsoft paint any more. Which I had some bitter sweet feelings about. At first I was thinking to myself is this actually news? Who even cares about Microsoft paint, it was only fun for about 10 minutes. But then I started to remember all those times sitting in a computer class and not really caring for the material being taught so I would find myself on Microsoft paint just doodling away.

Sure we can all agree Microsoft paint for most of us was terrible. You could never really make anything great out off it. It was really just a way to waste time. There is something sad about seeing it go though. We have all at some point found ourselves procrastinating writing a paper or doing any form of work on the computer pulling up Microsoft paint and drawing whatever came to mind.

I really do not think I would have made it through most of my computer classes without bashing a keyboard against my head because we were going over how to change font sizes on word, if it wasn’t for this program. I remember sitting next to friends and having drawing competitions to see who by the end of class could have the best drawing done. Which we all know is not an easy task on this program.

How are the upcoming youth going to get through these computer classes without paint. Practically all of high school computer classes are just teaching you information you already know from a teacher who just reads out of a Powerpoint for dummies book.They will never understand the frustration of trying to draw something on this program that did not make you look like you had the artistic talent of a third grader.

Who knows if kids will even be able to make it through these classes without actually dying of boredom. We might see cases like this popping up on the news all over. Tonight at 9 hear about the tragic story of 6 sophomores from a local high school die of boredom during a lecture on copy and pasting. We honestly should prepare for these stories. Why would Microsoft put children in danger like this! Have they truly lost sight of what is important or do they just not care.

Now I know at this point your probably thinking they still have pinball arcade. This is true but pinball arcade is not something that can easily be stopped and minimized if the teacher decides to walk around the class room. Paint is also a feature we have all known for so long and will probably take awhile not to go to the home button and try to bring up, only to find an empty space where paint use to be. Paint will always hold a special place in my heart and I am sure all of yours as well.



2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace: Microsoft Paint

  1. Endless winter days in my childhood I spent mindlessly throwing colors at that thing. It’s sad to see it go but with the advancement of photoshop and other apps its not needed. RIP Paint.


    1. Oh, I definitely agree this program is pretty much useless for doing anything of purpose, but it is sad to see it go. It was a great way to waste time.

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