Working With The Public

I feel like at some part of most people lives we have or do work with the public. Wether it is in a call center, waitress, or working in a store somewhere. You have come across a wide array of individuals. Let’s be honest for a minute most of them are terrible people.

You quickly learn working with people is some people will come to you with a problem and not actually do not want a solution. They just want to yell at you for something that in most cases is not your fault. Which you understand the persons frustration and try to help they will just keep yelling.

I have actually said to some of the people before “well I gave you an answer and if that is not good enough for you then I guess there is nothing else to discuss”. Yeah, people do not particularly like that one. Sometimes you just get feed up with it and you just let loose on someone and boy does it feel good. You will though probably be quickly pulled into your boss’s office for a “chat”. Oh, but is it worth it!

There is also something else you will learn. Most people do not seem to be very intelligent. At first you might just think people are having an off day or maybe you think you just understand it better because you work in the industry. But the amount of the people who know nothing will soon out-weigh your good will.

Now I know some of you reading this now think I am just an asshole so, I have an example for you. I use to work in a call center for a bank. I had a lady calling in frantically yelling that her debit card was not working. So I asked how she was trying to use her card. She then yelled back at the bank. So me being an apparent idiot asked at an atm. She yelled back no at the bank doors, it won’t let me in. This lady actually thought she could get into the bank after hours with her debit card! So I hope that helped convince you some that this is not me just hating on everyone.

Now with this all being said their are plus sides to working with people. Some people are great and appreciative of the things you do. Some feel nothing which I would take besides the other as well. So their are perks with working with people, but most people are pretty bad. So L.O.S.T nation next time you go out and are working with a customer service rep. Remember this article and try to be a little nice. They might not always seem the most perky but that probably just means their having a tough day and have probably be shit on by the last 3 customers. Now if they are just giving you shitty customer service please give it back to them twice as hard. Also remember most places they can not hang up unless you curse.

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