Living on your own: learning to cook

When you start living on your own for the first time you do not realize how many little things you took for granted when you lived with your parents are with a roommate. The small things that other people have done for you without you even realizing it. You begin to learn how hard it is to take care of a place and survive. One of the things I have found to be one of the most difficult is learning how to cook.

Cooking is something I always took for granted while living at home and even in college, because I had a meal plan and always at least one roommate who knew how to cook a little. I have recently started living by myself and learned how tough cooking is. I do not know if it is just a skill that I am unable to learn. I have tried cooking several meals and overtime they are either overcooked, undercooked or I put to much of a seasoning in and it feel like you are licking a salt lick. So i would either force myself to eat it or end up getting food out.


Now the only problem with eating out is it can be expensive to do all the time especially for someone who is just starting their career. You also depending on where you live have few option around and eating at the same few places all the time gets boring and a little embarrassing. It is bad when you are starting to know that staff at your nearest McDonalds. So even though this at first doesn’t seem like a bad idea because you get people to make you decent food and you just get to enjoy it. Just like living at home is like. You can only really do this for so long without becoming either tired of eating at the same places or broke.

You also have the option to just stock up on freezer food. This is also a decent option for awhile. It is not as fresh as home cooked food or the food you might have eating when you were eating out but, it is easy and convenient. All you have to do is pull it out of the freezer but it in the oven for 20 minutes and voilĂ  you have a lasagna. Now the issue with this is you only have so much freezer space. So you can only get so much freezer food at a time and if you are trying to live off this is can lead to multiple grocery trips a week. Also if you get to much food and have some of your meals in the freezer for too long they get freezer burn and never taste the same. Which lets be honest was only just ok to begin with. So this option can also only last so long too till you just become tired of it.

So this is one of the things I have found out can be a challenge when you live on your own. I still haven’t exhausted both of these options yet but I definitely need to learn to cook soon. Maybe I’ll take a cooking class and try to learn some things. Or maybe I’ll take a cooking class and try to meet someone who actually knows how to cook. Either way I will surely find some way to survive. This is just another things we learn when we are L.O.S.T.

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