People who do not drink coffee, Are you robots

So for everyone out there I am a coffee addict. I probably drink about 3-4 cups of coffee a day. I love the stuff, I love getting different flavours to boldness even different brewing processes. It is a huge part of my day. Now because I love coffee so much and drink it so much I need it just to function. I can not get up and think about anything till I get my first cup of coffee. I do not even like someone talking to me this is mainly because, I can not even process the english language till after coffee.

Now we have all met someone in the past who literally never drank coffee. It would always shock me. Whether it was someone who spent the night and you offer them a morning cup o’ joe to get their day started and they politley decline or just that person in the office you never see with a coffee mug. For some reason too these people seem to have the most energy out of anyone. They are always chipper and in a good mood. Is this because they have never felt the downward spiral of what happens after you over-raffinate yourself and now it’s 1 o’clock and your falling asleep in a meeting. Or is it because these people are not really people at all they are actually robots.


See if you are a normal person your body runs off of caffeine and sugar to give you energy, but for robots they do not need these futile drugs to run. They get their power for other sources that produce electrical energy. Now you might ask why you have never seen any of these people have to plug in to charge like you have to your iPhone. It is because these people are actually running off of solar energy. That is right during the day when your in the office or running errands with this person the reason they can keep going and going is because they are actually gaining more energy as the day goes on.

They can not be trusted we do not need a robot take over happening. You can also not trust someone who has never felt the servere crash after to much caffeine or sugar. They do not know how to ride the highs and lows of life. How to take the good with the bad. They only know one way through life and this is how they were programmed. They are waiting for us to fall into the pits of one of our crashes and that’s when they strike. Always operating at 100% efficiency. they will take us down.

We need to stand against this tyrant force of people who do not drink coffee. It is not how we are made to get through this life. We need these stimulants to get us through the hell we are going to go through during the day. We have no other option because drinking through the day is typically frowned upon. We must stand united coffee drinkers and stop these tyrant anti-coffee robots (after our morning cup of coffee of course). Because we are L.O.S.T Nation!

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