Letter to the girl at the gym aka: my future wife

Now we have all met people who right away “catch our fancy”. Now there are good and bad times to run into this person where are chances of success can be higher then in other times. Now this woman I ran into was obviously at the gym. In my opinion the gym is a tough place to pick up anyone. The first problem is most people at the gym is most people have headphones in and are focused and what they have to accomplish. The other problem is you see most the same people everyday. If you try to pick someone up and it fails odds are you will awkwardly see that person several times a week. Which makes this place a pretty horrible place to pick up someone. Now enough with all that lets get into the story about how I met this person.

It all started about a month ago I walked over to the seated row machine. I had just jumped on and this girl come over and asked if she could work in. At first I was a little offended she thought she could keep up with me. But then I realized it was a machine and pretty easy to keep adjusting the weight. Also when i turned and saw how cute she was I was definitely in to work out with her. So we had some small talk going back and forth in-between sets some. She was laughing some it was probably just cuz she was in a good mood and I let her use my machine, but I like telling myself I had something to do with it. After that we went our own ways to finish our workouts. I pumped into her a few more times that day and just would give each other a smile as we passed.

After this encounter I did not see her for a few days and kind of though she was gone. I had missed my opportunity with this girl. Then a couple weeks ago she showed up again wearing probably my favorite gym shirt I saw it read “gym and juice” pretty clever. Showed she had a good sense of humor. So that is definitely a plus for someone who writes a comedy blog. Now at this point I did not think she recognized me because we workout at a pretty big gym and it had been a few weeks since our last interaction that only lasted a few minutes.

Now this being said I did get a second chance. I was on the leg press machine and she come over to the one next to me. She was having some issues setting up her machine for her workout. She’s pretty tiny so moving bigger weights are not her strong part at all. So I offered to help her set up her machine. She said she thought she was ok and we joked a little about how confusing some of the machines are. So I continued my workout and checked over in between sets to see if she was really good.  She eventually got her machine working and got on to begin her workout.

Now I am not a huge fan of working on my legs. So I typically once or twice a week at the end of my workout just do a leg exercise but do like 6-7 sets. So this being said I am on that machine for awhile. So she got done her workout before me and the worst thing possible happened. I saw her walk over to another guy and grab him around the waist and talk to him for awhile. It turns out she has a boyfriend! have seen them there several times since and still she catches my attention every time. With what a stated earlier in this piece how hard it is to pick up someone at the gym and now with he added fact of a boyfriend I am pretty much fully out of the running.

But that is all part of being in your twenties. You will strike out honestly more times then you are successful. The best you can do is make it out of the situation without coming off as a creep. Which I believe I did in this experience I did not come on strong just trying to make some friendly conversation and see how it goes. So I can at least keep attending the gym without having to worry if I’ll see either of them there. So I would count this as a successful attempt and who knows maybe one day she will be single again and I will still be at the gym and get a chance. These are just more of the things we encounter as part of L.O.S.T nation.


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