The Decline of American culture

So we as millennials have been hearing for years now that the culture we consume is garbage. It is the worst tv shows and media have ever been. Now these are from generations who loved bands who worshiped satan and some even wore neon colored track suits. So I always tended to pay them no mind when they were to bash our current culture and just continue engaging in it. But I believe we may have finally destroyed culture more importantly pop culture for forever. Rumors are saying they are bringing back Jersey Shore.

Now I remember loving Jersey Shore when it first came, but then again who didn’t. I remember coming home from high school and popping on MTV and thinking how great it would be to have a summer just like the Jersey Shore cast.  All they did was go go to the gym, go out at night and smush, Oh I guess they occasionally did some work at a t-shirt shop on the boardwalk. They were a phenomenon, you could hardly go anywhere without hearing GTL or smush and let’s not forget the two terms made famous by the cast DTF and grenade. They were not only apart of pop culture they are creating it all infront of our eyes.

Now we are 5 years after the final season of Jersey Shore and they just released they are bringing it back? Now I do not know if you have kept up to much with the cast since we last left them. So here’s a little insight into the current state of these pop culture icons. Snooki and J-woww have both gotten married and had two kids each. Snookis are even in school now! But we were kept up to date on most of that because of their spin off tv show. Mike the situation we were starting to see his downfall even during the last few seasons. But he has recently left rehab after being admitted for a pain killer addiction. He is also facing jail time for tax evasion.

Now the rest of the cast has seem to keep things together pretty well. Ronni and Sammie are officially done and Sammi has a new boo. Pauly D is djing in Vegas and is dating Aurbrey O’day. Vinnie has been doing different acting gigs here and there and Deena has stepped away from the spotlight all together and works at a doggy daycare in you guessed it New Jersey.

So now that we are all caught up the real question you might be asking now is why bring it back. I think we can even all admit the last couple seasons were starting to shimmer down and not be as great as the first few seasons. Now we are bringing back a cast that is mostly married or in a relationship (which I know doesn’t mean a lot for the cast). Also they are all pretty much in their late 30s.

I really do not want to watch a show with a bunch of ex guidos and guidettes sharing pictures of their kids or when they visited their girlfriends parents in Vermont. I believe this show is a failure from the start. Now this all being said I am still going to watch because if I remember anything from the Jersey Shore cast is they never stop to amaze in their antics. So if this is true I will definitely be tuning even just for the nostalgic factor and I am sure most of the rest of L.O.S.T nation will be to.


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