5 Life Lessons I learned from Ron Swanson

Lets all agree Ron Swanson is an American hero. He is the person we all wish we were a little more like. He is a person who knows exactly what he wants and likes and does not care about anything else. As I watched Parks and Recreation I found myself pulling a lot of wisdom from this man and I want to share them with you here.



this is just great life advice we can all learn from. It really is not the most Ron Swanson quote of all time but it still has much value. We have all found ourselves trying to do to many things and half-assing them all. When if we would have just picked one to focus on we would have been more successful.




This one is very simple sometimes it is best to be honest with people. It is not always good or right to hid your true feelings from someone. Sometimes even if they do not want to hear it, it is still best to tell the truth.



This one may not be true for everyone but I find it to be pretty sound advice. Maybe the number might not be 100% correct, but you should limit how many close friends you have to a pretty core few. If you try to have to many close friends you end up just being more of an acquaintance with everyone because you are trying to balance to many people.



Sometimes you have to say fuck the rules and do what you want. Let’s be honest you can not please everyone all the time. So do not worry to cut lose and just be you every now and then.



this last one is just a fact!

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