Hero Of The Week: Aussie Beer Luggage

In a time where things seem bleak. Where it seems all that is on the news is tragic stories. Some people might even say these are the darkest times. So we need some heros to rely on to bring some light to these times. This man is Dean!

Some of you might be asking who is Dean? Dean is a Australian man who decided to see if he could check a cold refreshing beverage at package check for his journey. The man traveled from Melbourne to Perth The man decided to celebrate his successful journey in the only way known with a nice beer.

Now this man need to have some ingenuity he needed to stack several bins and put the beer inside of it so the the bag check machine would register a bag was actually there.


Once this step was completed Dean got on his flight to Perth hoping his beer would arrive with him. Dean did state he did not care if one of the baggage handlers saw the beer cracked it open and enjoyed a nice beer. He said if he saw the beer he probably would’ve done just that. Which makes me give Dean another salute for never passing up on a great beverage.

Now once Dean arrived in Perth he went to right to baggage claim to see if his beer had made the voyage as successfully as him. To his surprise far before any other luggage came out his beloved beer came out on the carousel. That is when Dean had completed a mission most thought would be impossible and brought some light to these darkest times of ours.


Dean you are a true hero! If anybody out there reads this article and somehow finds Dean at a bar one night (cuz we all know this story will be told by him on many a drunk evenings, at least I would if I was him). Please buy this hero a Emu import lager (the beer he traveled with) to commemorate his heroic feat. Dean thank you again for being the hero we desperately needed in these times. I hope your story is taught to generations to come, so they know no matter how bleak things look there is always good out there and we can over come.

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