The Relationship Monster

We all know this person you know, the one who is always in a relationship. They seem to end one and their life is either crumbling down or they are so excited to be single again. Then a month later you are going out with them and they introduce you to their new bae. This person is a relationship monster. Now there might not be anything wrong with this person your best friend might be this person, you might have found yourself being this person at one time in your life. But we still can not help but finding ourselves asking the question “why are they always in a relationship”.

There are many types of relationship monsters. The worst being the one who always finds themselves in terrible relationship to terrible relationship. They seem to after their last relationship ends to date the next person who tells them they look cute in that H&M top. They always seem to dive head first into this relationship and try to sell to you how great a person they found. Then a month or two later things go sour and all you hear while your trying to enjoy a glass of pinot grigio is the last major fight they had over what to watch on Netflix.

You will always find yourself comforting them and hoping for the day this relationship ends in hope they will remain single for awhile and find someone who is not a total douche. you will try to tell them things like “they just are not right for you” or “you can do better”. Then finally when this Hurricane ends and as soon as you let out a sigh of relief your being introduced to the next “the one”.

Now onto the next relationship monster this one is definitely an easier one to deal with. This one is the friend who is always seems to be in a long term relationship. This person dates some one for several months at a time to even years. This is the one where you start preparing yourself to hear that they are getting married. This person seems to have their life more together then the other relationship monster. This person though just can not seem to take the leap. No one seems to be quite good enough for them. They will eventually be out of that relationship with no real prior warning signs. They will just give you a vague answer like “we just didn’t get along” or “we just weren’t right for each other”.

The first few times you will believe them and hope the next one is better. But after awhile this trend will start to become more and more apparent to you. You might even start to question if it is this person, but you’ll convince yourself that this is your friend your friend would never be like that. But it will always be in the back of your head and you will always know it is kind of true.

Now for both these types of relationship monsters. You will hope that one day they will leave their monster like ways behind them and either find the right person or just be single for awhile and find themselves. Unfortunately their is really nothing you can do to end these ways without hurting the friendship. You will just have to wait till they realize it themselves. But we can not hate this person because we do have to admit they do add a level of excitement to our life. You might even find yourself waiting for them to tell you their next big story. You can even find yourself living through them sometimes, because lets be honest living through the relationship monster is definitely better then being the relationship monster. We all have to admit this is all just part of being part of L.O.S.T nation.

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