My Addiction To Dating Apps

When you live in a world that seems to revolve around tech, it is hard not to find yourself falling victim to it’s mighty grip sometimes. Let’s all admit it we have all found ourselves spending way to much time either on an app, website or youtube channel. It is hard not to when that is what seems to propel our society. One thing I have to admit is that I have found myself addicted to dating apps.

It all started out very harmless it all started with some friends convincing me to try Tinder. They said it would make me cool and that everyone was doing it (no pun intended). I would just go on for a few minutes here and there and do some swiping. It was all just for some fun. But it was not before long I found myself on a Thursday evening laying on the couch swiping and swiping for hours until I just passed out only to be woken up by the sun shinning through my window and matches I did not even remember.

I then slowly found myself experimenting with other dating apps such as Bumble, Coffee meets Bagel and Ok Cupid. It was a dark path. It soon became all I wanted to do was sit on the dating apps. I was soon missing work and hang outs with friends just because I could not put down the phone. It became all I could do all I could think about was that next match.

I knew I needed a wake up call when I soon found myself outside the Verizion store begging people for spare change or offering to do “favors” just so I could buy a few extra gigs of data. I was eventually kicked out of the front of every Verizion, AT&T, and Sprint store till I found myself out front Boost Mobile. They were dark times I do not really want to get to deep into.

The good news is I am now in recovery from this addiction. I have been swipe free for over a week now. I feel like the future is bright. I am now trying to meet people by actually going out and meeting in person. I hope we can all learn from my mistakes and not fall into the same trap I fell into. Be great out there L.O.S.T Nation!

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