The Sensitive Co-worker

We all know the person in the office who seems to get upset over the smallest controversy in the office. You know the one where probably 3 out of the 5 days in the work week they say this the last day they will be working there because of something that didn’t go their way. Then just like clock work the next day your grabbing your morning cup of coffee and there they are. We all wonder how to deal with this person and their never ending outburst of “I can’t handle this anymore”.  We’ve all ran through the options of how to handle this person and here they are and the outcomes of them.

1. Try to console them and let them know its not that bad.

I feel this is is the way we start with these co-workers. No matter how much you know that this is how this person is. No matter how many other co-workers warn you about this person and their out-bursts. You always find yourself falling into their drama and trying to let them know it is not as bad as they think.  It’s just our shitty human nature to try to help. The only problem with this is you can only do this for so long. It will only be a matter of time before you can not take their outbursts anymore because let’s be honest we all have parts of our job we do not like and we can not be dealing with our own struggles plus some one else’s all the time. You will eventually get fed up and lead us to option two.

2. just tell them it was fun working with them and hope they find a better employer.

Now I am aware this is not the second step for everyone and some might just move straight onto option 3, but for some of us who might be a little more of an asshole then others. We have tried this approach. You just eventually get so fed up with their constant woes (which we all know is just for attention, because their life is so important). Even if it is over something as stupid as the coffee pot never having coffee when they need it. You just end up calling their bluff and see if they actually do have the balls to pull the trigger the threaten to pull everyday. It’s probably not great to admit but I have even gone as far as to get a box and offer to help them pack up their desk. You can only handle so much of this persons bull shit. This option I feel never works at least in my experience, but it does feel a little better for awhile that you did not fall victim to their drama if only for a day, because we all know they’ll find something new to complain about tomorrow. So this leads us to option three.

3. Just ignore their out-bursts.

This is probably the best option after awhile. It is also the option you will probably see most your co-workers have adopted to deal with this person. Whenever this person has an outburst you just dig your head further into you computer and pretend nothing is going on and they will eventually calm down and go back to their own work. Unfortunately this option can be a little hard for some especially if you work right next to this person our need this person to complete your work. Which then can lead to some problems, which unfortunately only leaves you with option 1 or 2. But for most this is the only option that seems to lead to the least amount of un-needed additional stress to the work week.

So I guess there is not full proof method to deal with this person. I hope you did not read it to gain some great wisdom on this topic. But it is something you just have to to learn to deal with and hopefully find the option that gives you the least amount of additional stress.


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