Is it wrong to love bad liar as a man?

So we are all well aware at this point of Selena Gomez’s new song Bad Liar. Now It hate to admit it but I have been a Selena Gomez fan for years now. I actually stole a poster of her and had it in my dorm all through college well until a ex-girlfriend threw it away. But that is a tragic story for another day. This song is probably one of my favorite Selena Gomez songs of all time. I honestly probably listen to it once a day if not more.

Now this all being said as a man I have to be careful of when and where I listen to this song. It is a shame that a Selena Gomez song that multiple websites are saying is probably one of her most critically acclaimed songs yet and I have to be ashamed of it. I have to turn down my car radio or watch how loud my headphones are in the gym so I can jam out to this song. I thought by 2017 we would be further along as a society that a man could listen to a female pop star while on the bench press without being judged! But sadly we can not.

I know what you must be thinking how do I know If I am being judged for this song if I am too embarrassed to listen to it in front of people. Well this is because I have tried! I was walking down the street the other day trying to forget this song. Ok I am just kidding but I was in my car with the windows down jamming out to this song when I cam to a red light, I looked around and people in their cars were looking at my like I had just murdered a puppy!

So I am starting a new initiative for 2017 and that is for men to listen to these female pop stars without being judged. This song is a song that I want to be able to tell my children about. I can not do this as long as we are being judged. So all men find your favorite female singer download all her songs and blare them as loud as you can with no shame. If someone looks at you weird for playing your song just look them dead in the eyes and turn it up a little louder! We can do this! Female singers are for everyone!

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